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Michael Hymus
President at Canadian Super Sellers
(613) 242 -0008

Mike is an industry veteran and founder of Canadian Super Sellers.
A master relationship builder Mike helps participating Canadian dealerships connect excess inventory with U.S dealerships looking for a trusted & recognized brands in the pre-owned vehicle market.


Craig Longworth
Dealer Support & Private Seller Estimates at Canadian Super Sellers
(416) 788-5420

Craig works with dealerships across Canada to establish and sustain long-term, profitable relationships.
Craig helps Canadian dealerships attain maximum value for their pre-owned vehicles and builds mutually beneficial relationships. Craig also estimates and buys vehicles from private sellers.

Our Manheim Detroit Auction Team

Hope and Natasha can be found in lane every Thursday at Manheim, Detroit

We value Manheim’s role in helping us complete these transactions but we also want you to know that you can speak to us directly when working to put a sale together. We have two ladies at the auction every week that are available to you. Each of them represents one of our lanes so they can be found on the sale blocks during the sale or in our office before and after the sale. The office is located immediately to your right when you enter Manheim Detroit.

Canadian Automotive Auction

Manheim, Detroit

We help American dealerships stock their lots with used and exchange rate discounted trucks, SUV’s and cars every Thursday at Manheim, Detroit – Lanes 5,6,7,8 and 9. Our vehicles are fully imported, cluster converted and US titled. We are motivated sellers and have the price and inventory to make sure your time is well spent. With conversion rates rarely found at auction (70+) and the largest lineup of trucks under one roof in North America you will get what you are looking for! Learn more at

Every Thursday Morning – Lanes 5,6,7 & 8

An unusually strong American dollar has created a rare opportunity for American automotive dealers. Trucks, SUV’s and cars which normally would be appraised at parity are now deeply discounted when purchased in American dollars. Canadian Super Sellers helps dealerships in Canada and the United States take advantage of this rare opportunity. Connect with their team today and help customers across the United States get exchange rate discounted domestic full-sized 4X4’s s today.

Manheim, Detroit

Lanes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Auction Preview

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Canadian Super Sellers

Michael Hymus | Owner


Canadian Super Sellers | Canada’s Largest Truck Exporter

Why Buy From Super Sellers

Our network of Canadian dealers have access to the largest inventory of Canadian used cars and trucks. This gives US car dealers access to an unmatched inventory of used trucks and cars at unmatched prices. All of our inventory is US titled, cluster converted, fully brokered and available immediately.

Why Buy Canadian Vehicles

A weak Canadian dollar means Canadian Super Sellers inventory of used cars and truck is unbeatable in terms of value. This means better profit margins and access to inventory that allows you to underprice your competitors. All of this of course means you sell more used cars and make more money.