How this program works

Put simply, your local dealer purchases our vehicles from the auction and passes the savings along to you! Please contact our team for a list of upcoming vehicles at auction. We will personally contact a dealer on your behalf to arrange the purchase.

Detroit is the perfect place for dealers to source Canadian vehicles because it is the biggest wholesale automotive outlet for Canadian vehicles. What’s better is that we ship to dealerships across the US. If you are looking to purchase a pre-owned automobile, especially with the Canadian dollar at a such a low value, there is no better time. You, the purchaser stand to gain both in selection and in price!

Your Automotive Budget can now go further than ever before

Did you know that a weak Canadian dollar means that your Automotive Budget can now go further than ever before? When it comes to purchasing the vehicle of your choice, your dream vehicle now awaits you at your local dealership. Thanks to the marketing strategy of a Canadian company called Canadian Super Sellers, you can now have your desired vehicle delivered to your local dealer with the Canadian dollar discount, without the hassle of importing and exchange rates to deal with.

Your Local Dealer can help you….

Save Big on your next Truck or Car

A weak Canadian dollar means your budget can go a lot further in putting you into your dream vehicle. Better yet – you can have your discounted Canadian vehicle delivered directly to your local dealer without all the hassles of importing a vehicle!

Canadian vehicles sold in USA (Manheim Detroit MI)

Vehicles on Auction this Thursday


We stand fully behind every vehicle sold.

Prizes and Giveaways ($/2015)

Lanes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Every week Canadian Super Sellers has 500+ cars and trucks on offer. The inventory is available for purchase either live at Manheim, Detroit Michigan or online. Pre-auction inventory can be viewed on OVE.

Every Thursday

Our line-up is only available on Thursday at Manheim, Detroit. If you want to purchase in advance of the auction please view our listings on OVE.

Manheim, Detroit

Lanes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Auction Preview

Link to Live Auction

Canadian Super Sellers | Canada’s Largest Truck Exporter

Why Buy From Super Sellers

Our network of Canadian dealers have access to the largest inventory of Canadian used cars and trucks. This gives US car dealers access to an unmatched inventory of used trucks and cars at unmatched prices. All of our inventory is US titled, cluster converted, fully brokered and available immediately.

Why Buy Canadian Vehicles

A weak Canadian dollar means Canadian Super Sellers inventory of used cars and truck is unbeatable in terms of value. This means better profit margins and access to inventory that allows you to underprice your competitors. All of this of course means you sell more used cars and make more money.