Buy Used Trucks From Canada

Cluster Converted | US Titled | Fully Imported

Canadian Super Sellers is Canada’s largest truck exported and an obvious choice for American dealerships looking to stock their lot with previously owned Canadian trucks, cars and SUV’s. Canadian Super Sellers handles transportation, title conversion and all of the logistics of importing sell ready vehicles into Canada.

Canada’s Largest Pre-Owned Truck Exporter

Access 600+ previously owned trucks fully imported, cluster converted and ready to sell trucks every Thursday at Manheim, Detroit. Our inventory of used Canadian trucks includes Jeep, Cadilac, GM, Dodge, Ram, Ford and Toyato – all made at the same plants and with the same warranty and title information available on previously owned American trucks.

Ford F150 & F250’s | Ram 1500’s | Jeep Wranglers | Toyota Tundra’s | Dodge Ram | GMC 1500 | Chevrolet 1500

An Unbeatable Choice for Used Car Managers

Are you a used car manager? Canadian Super Sellers can make you look good to any dealership owner – we work hand in hand with all buyers to make sure you’re rewarded for your hard work. Because we stand behind every vehicle we sell, we can guarantee that if any standard issues arise, our promise to you is to to resolve it within 10 days of purchase.

Protection from surprises

When you buy through Manheim with Canadian Super Sellers, you have access to DealShield and Post-sale inspection products to help eliminate surprises. If any standard issues arise, we will resolve them within 10 days of purchase. You can have complete confidence with Canadian Super Sellers.

Know what you’re buying.

With Canadian Super Sellers, you can see the inventory that is up for sale before the auction and you have access to Stockwave, giving you the book values, condition and history reports from any auction. You can make sure you’re picking what’s right for you.

Buy From Anywhere.

With access to the simulcast of the Manheim auction, you can view it from anywhere you have your mobile device or computer – meaning you don’t have to be at the auction to get in on the action! Want to have access to buying and selling 24/7? Canadian Super Sellers and OVE will help you, and you can even use a virtual inventory for your customers to see.

The Trusted Source for Canadian Pre-owned Vehicles

From a Company Commited to Quality and Dealer Satification

Canadian Super Sellers buys from Canada and our cars and trucks come with unmatched safety reporting, vehicle upkeep and quality. Our purchase volume lets us consistently offer an unbeatable selection of fully brokered vehicles for US sale. All our vehicles come fully cluster converted, US titled and with the best safety reporting available. From the day of purchase you can count on a commitment to support, information, and building a life-long relationship to bring you the best in used auto sales. Risk is always a part of buying used vehicles but we help minimize it as much as possible.

Canadian vehicles sold in USA (Manheim Detroit MI)

Vehicles on Auction this Thursday


We stand fully behind every vehicle sold.

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Lanes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Every week Canadian Super Sellers has 500+ cars and trucks on offer. The inventory is available for purchase either live at Manheim, Detroit Michigan or online. Pre-auction inventory can be viewed on OVE.

Every Thursday

Our line-up is only available on Thursday at Manheim, Detroit. If you want to purchase in advance of the auction please view our listings on OVE.

Manheim, Detroit

Lanes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Auction Preview

Link to Live Auction

Canadian Super Sellers | Canada’s Largest Truck Exporter

Why Buy From Super Sellers

Our network of Canadian dealers have access to the largest inventory of Canadian used cars and trucks. This gives US car dealers access to an unmatched inventory of used trucks and cars at unmatched prices. All of our inventory is US titled, cluster converted, fully brokered and available immediately.

Why Buy Canadian Vehicles

A weak Canadian dollar means Canadian Super Sellers inventory of used cars and truck is unbeatable in terms of value. This means better profit margins and access to inventory that allows you to underprice your competitors. All of this of course means you sell more used cars and make more money.